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Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

AARMTECH has been one of the pioneers in the field of security system solution, the company has been a thought and knowledge leader in the industry since its inception. AARMTECH has endeavored to bring the most advanced security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to maintain quality and compliance to international standards and regulations.

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consulting service

Consulting Services

ESS consultancy is one of the best security providers, the reason behind it is that we are privileged with high talented engineers, experienced expertise’s - does all the detailed study of the needs of a firm and execute it accordingly. Our consulting service can be reachable to all over the world. Armtech is also providing the online consulting service if needed. Security consulting service is growing industry in this developed era, Aarmtech has made a great contribution in it. Our security consultancy has gained the work experience in intermediate level security assessment. Following are the sum of security consultancy services

  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Security Audit
  • Acoustic Study

Aarmtech will make out all kind of small and large scale projects related to the security. We will do our service to both public and private sectors.

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turnkey projects

Turnkey Projects

Aarmtech has a very good experience in security turnkey projects. Aarmtech is mainly focused on the security related turnkey projects. We will be initiating all level of security projects from FEED to site handover. The major activities included in it as follow

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Field Front End Engineering Service
  • Basic And Detailed Engineering Activities
  • Site Installation Activities
  • QAQC Management

Aarmtech has a very talented and experienced professionals to do all these activities in a very impressive way. We will be finishing our project on time by considering the uncertainties will maintain international standard in our all works. We are capable of doing all kind of security related industrial projects, whether it is brown filed or green field we will do LSTK projects in very efficient way. Not only in industrial field we will also deal projects on oil and gas field, petrochemical rig.

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aarmtech academy

Aarmtech Academy

Apart from security consultancy we are also providing many type of the training related to the security, among this ASIS PSP (physical security professional) training , ASIS CPP ( Certified protection professional ) training , ASIS PCI ( professional certified investigator) training are main. All of the training provided by Aarmtech is done through different media like online, in classroom or in webinar.

Project based training is also given by Aarmtech, training for the project execution and project management is been provided by us. And after the completion of each project the training for the customer, maintenance team and operational and maintenance team is been provided. Board certified ASIS training is been given by online.

For More information please visit our online training portal

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our business sectors

Where we focus on?

We focus on helping our community, mainly in dealing with the involvement of new technology, innovatively good and qualified in order to give you the experience of high levels of security.

Government Sector

We deliver integrated security system for government sectors by considering the need of security in this field

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Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and gas sectors require the most efficient emergency and security for as it is a fragile sites …

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Banking Sector

Banking sectors plays a major role by affirming the magnificent safest storage system.....

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Defense Sector

We provide different category of defense system that ultimately meets international standards in efficient way

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Health Care Sector

Health care sectors are the leading sector for the hospitality an it should be maintained well..

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Education Sector

Education sectors encompasses all measures taken by security servers to combat threats to people ....

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our Solutions

Technology to power your business.

Solar Solutions

Aarm tech is the best and trusted rooftop solotion provider.we are the providing solar solution for the home and industry

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Integrated Physical Security

The PSIM we does is the Physical security information management which is a category of software which provides

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Access Control Solutions

Aarmtech Dealiing with different types of access control manfacture from all over world . We have different scale of products

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Perimeter Security Solutions

Aarm tech will offer you the high definition Fiber optic sensor solutions which are constructed from the standard

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Smart Home Solutions

Aarm tech Smart lighting solution provide the safety and security in the public areas and also to architectural

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Robotics & Drone Solutions

Humanoid Robot solutions are been buit to aesthetically resemble human body.Aarm tech Humanoid Robot

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We take care of your safety with the best Industrial security standard!

Whether it is your business or your firm, security was, is and always will be a primary Issue and should be considered accordingly, whatsoever maybe the condition, Risks will surely be involved and security will ultimately become a basic need But, by recollecting all these thoughts, you should not Worry on it, Do not even give thought on "How will Our firm go forward?" Our Company is willing to take care of your worries as we will make everything better for you in a convenient manner. We are privileged to have Experienced Engineers, High talented Workers, they all tend to finish all the given projects in given set of time effectively. The service of our Aarmtech security company provides highly effective with the latest technology involved in it. Our security company will do a detailed study on your requirements. After completing the detailed study, Aarmtech team will try to fix your requirements in a impressive way such that you will not have to bother much on the area where we provide our services....