Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

Education Sector

Education Sector

In Education sector we have two type of services 

  1. Education security and techncolgy solution 

  2. Traing solution for workers

AARM tech can provide complate solution for student analysis using facial recogantion and behaivioural analysis . AARMTECH will costomize our product according to costomer requirment . In School we can give complete solution like Cafetria Managamanet , Library Managamane , Student attandeance , Student survilence solution , Paging and conference solution etc.

In traing solution AARMTECH can give security trainng for different companies and corporate according to thier needs . We have special training division with deidcated team . We have different type of trainng certification solutions that meet bussiness needs. Our trainner are certified in different international certifications and fully equpment with modern training tools and technique.