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Smart Home Solution

A smart home solution is systematic solution where a house is equipped with technologies and devices to automate the work processes and remotely control the housing system such as lights, devices, accesories, wardrobe, speakers, surveillance camera and other such home appliances to make the home a smart home where runned by smart home solution. weather it be from kitchen work or let it be a guestroom works, a smart home solution takes control over every aspects of a house works to automate it to make this smart home solution a best and ease smart home solution for the user. a smart home solution also benefits the owner as it includes security mode like access control and alarm system for the samrt home solution. a smart home solution also does connects to the home internet devices to give access to the devices of the users. our smart home solution works best regarding the security and managemental issues making it the best smart home solution.


Aarm tech Smart lighting solution provide the safety and security in the public areas and also to architectural beauty  of the cities.We also provide the IOT lighting solution for the cities, by adding the smart lighting technology for the Aarm tech IOT plateform.Our customer can manage and our Smart lighting solution by the help of mobile or via web.We have maintained good standard in smart lighting protocol and remote maintainance.The combination of the IOT solution and the smart lighting system can embraced efficiently


Aarm tech Multi Room Audio helps you from the complex installation of control system and trial wires. Aarm tech Multi Room Audio solution helps you to control the Audio systems in entire block. Wireless Multi Room Audio helps to listening of Audio in multi rooms by the selected productes including the sound bars , speakers,receiver and other kind of system parameters.Aarm tech Multi Room Audio are reliant on the strenght and have the stability for the network band.

Aarm tech Voice control helps you to navigate and come up more through the voice control and to control smart home device. Aarm tech Voice control  solution provides a easy to deploy plateform for all kind of performance.Our Voice control  makes you secured by reducing your efforts . for snappy interaction we provide fast and immediate results.Aarm tech Voice control  has the plug and play input on Android, ios, window plug-ins.We afford the up to date Voice control  solutions which includes the professional integration and efficient service